The lace jacquard silk bedding in pink, creates a luxurious atmos-phere of unspoken but sweet love and adds an unprecedented touch of romance to life at home.

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Queen Size: Fit for 150cm * 200cm Bed
SHEET: 250*270cm  DUVET COVER: 200*230cm  PILLOW CASES: 75*50cm

King Size: Fit for 180cm * 200cm Bed
SHEET: 250*270cm  DUVET COVER: 220*240cm  PILLOW CASES: 75*50cm

Super King Size: Fit for 200cm * 200cm Bed
SHEET: 290*270cm  DUVET COVER: 260*240cm  PILLOW CASES: 75*50cm

Made to Measure
Please consult us if you need further information.

Fabric Care

Hand wash in low temperature with special silk conditioner. Flat dry in shade, keep away from heat. Do not tumble dry. Warm iron if needed.

Store the item in clean and dry condition.


Customisation Service
Brand provide personalized services,if you choose to purchase this special customized services, please fill in your customized content after the next order remarks column, if necessary please write the word that you need to order ,the maximum number is  10 letters. If you want to customize the special size bedding products, please fill in the detailed size required for the order after the order is placed.  If you need to know more details, please contact SILKY MIRACLE we chat ,or dial the service phone: +86 (021) 62771789.