1. Except for the other information on the SILKY MIRACLE station, or the relevant order or document, otherwise, the price of the commodity includes VAT, but it includes freight and other taxes and fees.

2. The product contains freight, but it will be added to the total price of the order that you deal with before you order.

3. You can choose through the pay treasure, micro channel, SILKY and MIRACLE to the other type pay money orders. After the order, you have to complete the full payment within 2 hours, otherwise the order will be cancelled.

4. If you choose to pay by third, you also need to comply with the terms and policies of the third payment service provider.

5. If you make any of the above-mentioned payment failures, please reelect other payments and give SILKY MIRACLE a timely feedback to the exception.

6. The failure, exception, loss and claim caused by the payment in the process of payment or payment will be communicated and coordinated by you and third service providers. SILKY MIRACLE shall be responsible for this, but SILKY MIRACLE will provide necessary assistance.

7. If you need to make invoices, please fill out the information you need when you purchase goods, or contact our customer service to inform the invoice you need to issue. The amount of the invoice is the amount of the order of the goods (including the freight). SILKY MIRACLE will have a general invoice for retail VAT.

8. After receipt of the invoice, you should sign the delivery receipt. As soon as the signature is signed, you have received the invoice and the invoice is mistaken. After you have signed the receipt of the invoice after you sign in, the SILKY MIRACLE method makes up the invoice for you.