1. When you order, please carefully confirm the name, price, number, contact address, telephone, receipt and other information of the goods purchased. If the information you receive is incorrect, such as the receipt, address and other information, the SILKY MIRACLE (or SILKY MIRACLE entrusted distribution company) will deliver the goods to your intended receipt, and the loss will be borne by you.
  2. The information displayed on the SILKY MIRACLE station is only for the public reference. When you pass the SILKY MIRACLE station to order goods, determine the purchase orders (orders and successfully submitted content should include commodity number, buy and pay the price, delivery, contact type, delivery address and other information), as you give SILKY the expression of MIRACLE in the will of the commodity purchase order.SILKY MIRACLE can decide whether to accept your order. After receiving your order, the system will voluntarily send you information to arrive at the confirmation email of the system. But you received the confirmation mail and indicated that SILKY MIRACLE has accepted your order. When SILKY MIRACLE sends you a short message or other form of notice, it confirms that the goods have been sent out (“delivery confirmation notice”), then SILKY MIRACLE accepts your order, double contract. If you place an order for many kinds of goods, we will only send you some confirmation confirmation for shipment, then the order contract between us and you will only be part of the commodity.
  3. Ordering goods limits the number of goods item can be purchased with the number 3, each order can order more than the total number of 20 items.
  4. You have the right to negotiate with SILKY MIRACLE to cancel the order, or cancel the order before SILKY MIRACLE delivers the confirmation of shipment according to the above clause.
  5. The goods you ordered at the SILKY MIRACLE station are delivered by SILKY MIRACLE through the carrier. The ownership of goods is transferred to your later time. The following are the following:
    1. We have received the full price of the commodity;
    2. The delivery address of the commodity that you specified. Once the goods deliver your designated address, the damage or loss of the goods is transferred to you.
  6. We have the right to deliver goods in batches. Every batch of goods should be regarded as a separate contract between us and us. We have the right to supply only part of the goods in an order.