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The Three S

№ 1 Silk

Silk quality depends on raw silk – SILKY MIRACLE selected fine raw silk also ensure that the length of all raw silk is nearly the same.
Mommi count measures threads per square inch and produces various results of texture and breathability.

The higher the mommi count the less air flow thus silk sateens sleep warmer than percales.

№ 2 Soft

The softness of a fabric is not only a result of mommi count but rather the finishing process-a treatment to the woven fabric to increase durability or shine.SILKY MIRACLE silk fabrics go through a patented finishing process to create the super smooth and lustrous finish unlike any other.

Finally the silk fabric is light extremely smooth, breathable and gentle on the skin yet flexible and soft like a work of a art.

№ 3 Sensations

Discover luxury sensations from the smoothness and softness of the silk fabric .
SILKY MIRACLE brings a celebration of refinement and enjoyment in life which is full of elegance and modernity.

Endeavoring to produce one of a kind home
collection with the finest silk for the discerning life-at-home.